About the Brand

The Brand

Performance focussed

At Vic Bay we continuously strive for improvements to enhance quality & value for money.  We focus on efficient, value for money production and delivery to ensure a healthy bottom line for Vic Bay and our clients. By leveraging our cost advantage over our competitors, we can remain competitive regardless of economic conditions.


We work together to bring the best effort and thinking from our business to deliver consistent quality, value for money and value added solutions for our clients.

Client focussed

We have a commitment to our clients. We care about them, listen to them and work to anticipate their needs and solve their problems.  Client satisfaction is a priority for everyone at Vic Bay.

Consistent quality

Everything we make, and everything we do, must be as good as it can be. Quality means that our products are not just well-made but consistently well-made. They must perform as promised every single time.

Consistent product

We closely monitor and manage our production line as well as our distribution centres to ensure we have consistent levels of stock of all our basic products and colours.